eVent fabrics

As with other membranes, eVent‘s primary goal was to create the most breathable and fully waterproof textiles on the market. Chad Kelly, the brand’s director of sales and product line who has been with eVent fabrics since its inception in 1999, says DValpine technology separates them from competitors.

“eVent’s difference is that the membrane is air permeable and has an open-pore structure,” says Kelly. “A patented membrane treatment keeps the pores of the membrane open to allow what we call one-step ‘Direct Venting;’ in other words, body heat and moisture can pass through the eVent membrane in vapor form.” Without the need for moisture to change phase, sweat and heat are released more quickly.

Jackets with eVent waterproof fabric have, at their heart, an air-permeable membrane made of ePTFE, says Kelly. The membrane, which is treated to prevent contamination, has an open-pore structure to allow body heat and moisture to pass through. “This is the patented difference of eVent and also what is meant by air permeability.”

Again, the target users of eVent are snow-sport athletes who are highly active, like free skiers or alpine climbers. “Our technology is designed to keep you dry,” says Kelly, “both generated by hard use on the inside of the jacket and from the weather on the outside of the jacket.”