Know your Tech: Primaloft Insulation Active

Excerpt from the Primaloft blog:

For the active outdoor adventurer, versatility is key when choosing your next piece of outerwear. Whether you’re scaling a rock face, sessioning a backcountry booter or hiking your favorite trail, no one wants to take their outer layer off when they work up a sweat, only to have to put it back on when they pause to recharge. With PrimaLoft® Gold and Silver Insulation Active, you’ll no longer have to play that game.


When you live an active lifestyle, you require more from your gear, and insulation is no exception. PrimaLoft® Gold and Silver Insulation Active is designed to regulate your comfort level during intense activity while offering performance without compromise in a wide range of conditions. We start with our trademark recipe for performance and comfort: millions of air pockets trap body heat for comfort in cold conditions and our permanent water resistant technology means warmth stays, even when wet. Then, we up the technical ante: we’ve engineered PrimaLoft® Gold and Silver Insulation Active with the stability to pair it with highly breathable shell and liner fabrics. This means excess heat and moisture vapor from aerobic activity exits, keeping you in the sweet spot of comfort all day long.


PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Active provides the added element of 4-way stretch, which allows it to be paired with highly breathable shell and liner fabrics that stretch and move with you. You expect your gear to perform double duty so you can move fast and light with uninhibited range of motion. Combine exceptional breathability, 4-way stretch, and recovery and water resistant thermal efficiency in PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Active and you won’t need to change your plans or your jacket.


Primaloft Gold Insulation Active