Become an fa field ally

Just like us, you love the way your FA gear keeps you protected from the elements without compromising comfort and style. People will notice your gear and ask questions, because the brand is still new to most regular ski hill visitors.  Sitting on the chairlift telling the FA story would be way better if you got paid for it, that's why we are giving you the chance to earn a credit towards next year's gear by doing just that.


How does it work?

Talk to people about FA, tell them why, in your opinion, it is the best gear on the market.  Once you have their interest, offer them a 20% discount card for them to shop at the FA online store.  For every purchase a customer makes with your code you get 5% to use towards your next FA piece.  For example, if your total sales referals reach $15,000 you will have accumulated $750 towards your own FA gear.  You can probably imagine that with a little bit of effort, you will get your gear pretty much for free every year.

 All we need from you is a small upfront commitment of $30 for your box of cards which we will reimburse if you bring in $2,000 in sales.